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Stuck Babysitting My New Sister

  • Updated 12-18-2018 |

Nominated - Best Taboo Relations Production, AVN 2020

Ricky Johnson walks downstairs as his step-sister, Emily Willis, is being scolded by her father. She's being grounded for getting in trouble at school, though Emily is begging for leniency. She has tickets to a concert that weekend! However, her father doesn't budge, stating that she should've thought of the consequences BEFORE getting suspended.

Her father then turns to Ricky, telling him that his mother raised him right -- he's not sure where he went wrong with Emily. While they're out to dinner, Ricky is in charge! He's not to let Emily out of the house, except for emergencies. Ricky easily accepts the new role.

As soon as they're alone, Ricky asks if Emily is excited about binge-watching some shows that night. Emily can't believe he's seriously not going to let her go out! Doesn't he have things he wants to do, too? Why should he be stuck babysitting her when she's an adult? How about they both sneak out and do their own thing, then meet up again at 11:30 before Mom and Dad gets home?

Ricky hesitates, then gets an idea. He tells her that, if she does him a big favor, he'll definitely let her go out that night. Emily is excited -- she'll do anything! Ricky sits her down, letting her know that she might say no, but... if she has sex with him, she's free to go to the concert.

Emily is shocked, pulling away from him. How could he even THINK of asking her something like that? He's her step-brother! Ricky insists that they can have a 'siblings with benefits' sort of situation -- the benefit being his dick.

Emily still resists, trying to butter him up in other ways, but realizes that she's just wasting time. If she really wants to go to the concert, this is what she has to do. She finally agrees and drops down to her knees to get down to business.

Emily sucks Ricky's dick, getting him nice and hard so that she can ride him. As she slips his dick into her pussy, she's determined to win his favor -- and have fun at the same time. All she can hope is that Ricky will keep his word!

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