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Sister's Sex Tape

  • Updated 01-08-2019 |

Nominated - Best Taboo Relations Production, AVN 2020

Seth Gamble calls out to his step-sister, Khloe Kapri, needing to use her washroom. Getting no response, he heads into her room to use her ensuite, only to see a sexy video playing on her laptop. Seth is stunned but unable to tear his eyes away from the action -- until he realizes that he's watching his own sister!

Khloe steps into the room, demanding to know what her step-brother is doing there. Seth makes up a lie, but then adds that he saw the video on the laptop. It takes a few moments, but Khloe suddenly realizes what video he's talking about. She's horrified! However, while Khloe is disgusted, Seth is thrilled, taunting her about how well she rode that guy's dick.

Seth then asks if Khloe knows any girls that can ride HIM like that. She wants nothing to do with him, insisting that she doesn't know any girls who'd be into pervs like him, and to get the hell out of her room. Seth plays it cool as he casually insists that he'll just tell her dad about the video then, if she's not going to play ball. Khloe, not to be outdone by Seth, retaliates saying that she'll tell Seth's mom about how he got himself arrested last summer! Seth then decides to screw them both over by grabbing the laptop and sending the sexy video to their dad. Now that they're both going to be screwed, they may as well make the best of it. In fact, they should hate-fuck!

Khloe is stunned, staring at her brother as though he's grown a second head. Why does he want to destroy them both?? Yet, Seth is unfazed, relishing in her dismay. He brags that he can fuck her better than that guy in the sex tape did. Besides, he knows she was faking it, it was obvious. Khloe looks defeated, saying it was really THAT obvious...?

Yeah, it was.

Realizing that they're both screwed no matter what comes next, Khloe decides to go along with Seth's insane request. It's not long before she's taking Seth's cock into her hot mouth and even hotter pussy. If they're both going down, they may as well have some fun along the way, right?

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