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Sister Caught Sneaking

  • Updated 12-04-2018 |

Nominated - Best Taboo Relations Production, AVN 2020

Zac Wild is waiting for his step-sister, Whitney Wright, to come home. She's been out all night and he knows she's sneaking around, getting up to no good. He wants to catch her in the act, especially after finding a condom in her bedroom drawer.

When Whitney arrives home, Zac hides behind her bedroom door. Once she sneaks into her bedroom, he closes the door behind her. 'What's up, sis?' he loudly greets.

She's NOT happy to have him in her room, and she's even less happy when he says he knows she's been sneaking out two or three times that week alone. He gloats that he found the condom, too, knowing that she's doing more than just hanging out with friends.

She tries to shrug him off -- so what if she's out there doing her own thing? What's it to him? He shouldn't be rooting around in her stuff, anyway. Besides, their parents would never take his word over hers. Zac agrees that that MAY be the case... unless he finds proof, that is, so he grabs her purse and finds incriminating evidence, including a fake ID! Remember how she tattled on him when he accidentally dented the car? Well, now he's got something on her, too.

Whitney's now much more nervous as she drops to her knees and begs her step-brother not to say anything. The last thing she wants to do is make Dad mad. Please, she'll do anything if Zac keeps all of this to himself.

Zac says, well, while she's on her knees, there IS something she could take care of for him, gesturing at his growing hard-on... Whitney is disgusted as she pulls away from him, telling him that he's sick! Zac disagrees -- c'mon, what's one more dick to a slut like her? If she fucks him, he'll make sure that word about the fake ID never gets back to their parents.

Although Whitney is reluctant, she eventually agrees to fucking Zac to keep him quiet. She remarks that Zac must hate her, as she sinks to her knees before him. He says that's not true -- he loves her! In fact, he loves her thiiiiis much! She rolls her eyes at him, but starts to suck his cock just to get him to play nice. Eventually, he decides that he wants to go all the way and tosses her onto the bed for some sweet sisterly love.

Whitney does everything she can to win Zac's favor, but will it be enough to keep his mouth shut?

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